Throughout the years, many changes gave rise to the current beautiful home that stands on the corner of First and Beaver Streets in downtown Prineville. Shown here is a history of the property and its transformation over time.

The first view of the property is this photo taken in 1917. It shows a view of the house lot from the street. In the 1920s, Jody Stahancyk’s grandparents, Jozef and Anna Stahancyk, converted the property into apartments where many people lived under their ownership until they sold the house.

In the 1960s, Anna Stahancyk sold the house to her son Joe and a doctor by the name of Tom Matheson. They continued to house many boarders until a devastating fire destroyed the house and it was subsequently torn down. However, a few local citizens with the blessing of Joe Stahancyk salvaged some of the wood and other remnants.

The 1980s saw Jody Stahancyk and her sister new owners of the property, however, in the early 1990s they traded the property for land from their father, Joe.

The current structure was built in 1994 and is a gorgeous piece of modern craftsmanship that retains old charm. Many gatherings and events are held at the house annually, most notably Stahancyk, Kent & Hook’s rodeo party which is hosted every June and attracts hundreds of friends of the firm. The party coincides with the Crooked River Roundup.