Stahancyk Family

Long a notable name in Prineville, Stahancyk is synonymous with power, respect and loyalty. The Stahancyk family first arrived in Prineville in 1924. However, Prineville wasn’t their first stop once the family left Byczyna, Poland. Jozef and Anna (Palka) Stahancyk, originally Stachanczyk, first landed in Canada in 1910 where Jozef was a coal miner. When the family came to Prineville in 1924, Jozef operated a ranch and he and his wife raised their five children, one of them being Joe Stahancyk, father of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook founder and senior partner Jody Stahancyk. Joe lived in Prineville for 80 years and had his own farm. His daughter Jody also grew up in Prineville and graduated from Crook County High School in 1966. The family legacy continues to this day when recently, Jody’s son, Seth Crawford, became Crook County Commissioner, a position that his grandfather Joe Stahancyk also held. Included here is a family tree displaying the descendants of Jozef and Anna Stahancyk, their golden anniversary announcement clipped from the local paper in 1958 and a Stahancyk farm for sale poster created when Joe Stahancyk sold his farm.