The Baldwin Diaries

The Baldwin Diaries

Elizabeth Baldwin was born July 3, 1916 in Prineville to Harold and Elsie Baldwin. As a young girl she started a diary chronicling her life in Central Oregon. A few years ago, Jody Stahancyk happened upon this diary for bid on the auction website Ebay and saved this valuable piece of history. The firm donated the journal to the Crook County Historical Society to ensure everyone has access to such valuable information

As the granddaughter of Thomas M. Baldwin, one of the founders of the first National Bank of Prineville, she had a life that included playing tennis, attending movies, and visiting Portland and the coast. This diary shows similarities between the lives of 12 and 13 year old girls in Prineville today and 75 years ago.

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January 1
Tues 1929 – Certainly had nice New Years dinner. Got home from Portland about 8 o’clock. Played all afternoon
with Jean. This is all.

January 2
Wed 1929- Mr. Ross put a seat at that desk where I kept my books. I sat at the uncomfortable table. Played dress-up with Jean.

January 3
Thurs 1929- Made out Camp-Fire program for the next 3 mo[shorthand for months]. Finish my horseshoe games. I painted it red & green.

January 4
Fri 1929- Had the highest standing in geography. My grade was 96. Saw the “Batin [sic] Leather Kid. “ It sure was good! 10 o’clock, time for me to be in bed.

January 5
Sat 1929- We organized the Spring Club Today the members are Jean, Kate, Neva, Clair, Ruth, Louise and myself I was elected president. Laura is leader.

January 6
Sun 1929- Went to Sunday-school this morning, + to the show this afternoon. It was terribly funny. Time to go to bed.

[Directly beneath, Elizabeth begins entries for 1930, but only writes 10 more before stopping and never making an entry again]

January 6
Mon 1930- Well back in school again. It certainly seems funny. I wore my book today, was a lot of fun.

January 7
Mon 1929- Nothing happened today except we had music. I finished my teatowel + started my aporn[sic]. That’s all for tonight.
Tues 1930. Had spelling, I found out Jarls went with every girl in town while I went away, and I quit him flat.

January 8
Tues 1929- Went to the Scout “Court of Honor.” Had a lovely time. The name of our operatta is “Cindrealla [sic] in Flower Land”
Wed 1930- Had assembly today. Aileen + myself are still holding out. Had a test in Civics. Got 65.

January 9
Wed 1929- Got home from school + read A “Praire [sic] Rose.” My W was good. Things are sure dry around here. Good night.
Thurs 1930- Had a test in Civics had a grade of 81. Pretty good for me. Got my mat started. I like crochet now.

January 10
Thurs 1929- Had art work today. We made pretty bookmarks. Sewed this evening. Went up to Maxines [sic] for a little while after school.
Fri 1930- Got 57 Civics test. My pride fails me. Ah my- next Thursday I am dommed [sic] to the state test

January 11
Fri 1929. Saw “Lilac Time” It was wonderful it was very sad though. Went with Maxine + Madge, Aimy 10 o’clock.
Sat 1930- Went up to Maxines [sic]. Ruth came along also- After we had slid ???? we came in and had the best
[blotched and unreadable]

January 12
Sat 1929- Found a boat + had a lovely time playing pirate in it. Jean fixed a lunch. It was awfully[sic] good.
Sun 1930- went to Sunday School. Am appointed on a committee for the party. Went to the show with a band of

January 13
Sun 1929- Went to Sunday School this morning + to the pictiure[sic] show this afternoon. It was very good. Read this evening till bedtime.
Mon 1930- Got 65 in a Civics test. Coming up (my pride). Had a spelling test in English. Don’t think I got a very
good [the rest of the sentence is compacted into the margin and is illegible]

January 15
Tues 1929- Had music this afternoon. Eate [sic] a turkey, or fact almost one the Thompsons + Hunter ate with me. My gosh? the turkey was good.
Wed 1930- Didn’t feel very good this morning but went to school anyway. Carried off Hays scarf. Too bad for him.

January 18
Fri 1929. Had scoring today. Talked to Violet about St. Marys + a bundle of other things. Took a lesson of Mrs. Carlson. She is awful nice.

January 21
Mon 1929 Nothing happened except we had a snow fight out in back. I had my face washed a dozen times. The snow was just right for snowballs. The boys promised to throw [illegible]

January 28
Fir 1929- We had music I was chosen [illegible]!!! Robert said he would rather have me for his [illegible] I hope he meant it the way he thinks he did.

January 30
Wed 1929 Had assembly today. Robert walked to school with me and they all congratulated us. It was a lot of fun. [illegible]last night.

Feb 4
Mon- Had music, practiced until blue in the face. Worked Arithmetic till red in the face + am last ready to hit the hay.

Feb 8
Wed- Practiced without the boys today. Jean + I hand a little quarrel but is all over with. Mother had company for dinner. Good night.

Feb 14
Tues- Practiced opperata to 2:40. got a few of valentines. Robert sent me a valentine but I didn’t get it. Walked home with him.

Feb 25
Sat- Mr. Ross will be our teacher for the next 10 days as Mr Harland didn’t recover from her operation.

March 2
Had more fun than a picninc today. Played in the boat all morning. Played with Kate this afternoon and say! What didn’t we do.

March 4
We have a new President today. President Hoover. Mr. Harland came back. We have settled down to hard work.

March 5
I had music today. Are learning lots of pretty new songs. Robert is wearing my ring all the time no. I am very glad.

March 12
Mad music. I played tennis after school. Had a lot of fun too! I am able to be on Roberts side sometimes.

March 16
Went on a long hike today. Oh! We had as much fun as a picnic. Wore Mables [sic] all morning. Went up to Marys tonight.

March 18
Had music today as usual. Learned a new song. Played tennis as ususal. School will soon be out thank goodness.

March 25
Had music. I am in the maypole danc [sic] for the spring festival. Played tennis often I got through practicing. Just finished arithmetic.

*This diary was transcribed and delivered to the Crook County Historical Society by Alex Johnson as part of his
summer internship at SK&H.